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Mecano Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned manufacturing enterprise established by Phoenix Mecano Group in China in 1996。Phoenix Maschinentechnik AG was founded in 1975。In 1986, the company changed its name to Phoenix Mecano AG and was listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange on September 14, 1988。Phoenix Mecano Group is a global multinational industrial components manufacturing company, its technology, research and development and quality standards are derived from Germany, with the authority of products and top professional technology, has won high praise in the global components market。After decades of vigorous development, it now has more than 50 subsidiaries around the world。

In the context of China's adjustment of industrial structure and transformation of production mode,Phoenix Mecano Group has made an indelible contribution to the development of Chinese enterprises,Its products have high reliability,High precision,Low energy consumption,It meets the needs of Chinese enterprises to develop strategic emerging industries,Improve the content of science and technology,Energy conservation and emission reduction requirements,Widely used in communication, electronics, rail transit, automation control, Marine aviation, machine tool equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, renewable energy, energy power and petrochemical and other fields。

The group's total global turnover has exceeded 6 billion yuan, and while achieving impressive economic benefits, Phoenix Mecano Group has not neglected its social responsibility, providing more than 8,000 jobs for the society in 2022 alone。In addition, Phoenix Mecano Group has always adhered to the concept of green and low-carbon development, all products are in line with RoHS international environmental standards, always adhere to the combination of economic and social benefits, and gradually establish their own brand culture。 

  • 1996

    Mecano Components Shanghai Co., Ltd. was established in
  • 50


    At present, it has subsidiaries all over the world
  • 8000


    It will provide employment opportunities for the society in 2022 alone
  • 60


    The Group's total global turnover has exceeded
Corporate culture
corporate culture

People-oriented, to create a good working environment for employees, welfare benefits and career planning programs, and actively play the characteristics and strengths of employees。 Integrity, keep promises, open, dare to correct mistakes, is a trustworthy employee and company。

Continuous improvement and innovation, the courage to use new thinking, continuous learning, breaking through tradition, the pursuit of excellence, is a crucial factor in the development and growth of the company。

Social responsibility
social responsibility

As a positive corporate citizen, social responsibility is the foundation of Mecano, but also the way to survive, Mecano has the confidence to use their own sincerity to put a high degree of social responsibility into practice。

Mecano integrates the sense of social responsibility into every detail of the enterprise operation, and promotes the healthy development of the industry while sincerely serving users, forming a very humanistic corporate responsibility trend。At the same time, the company tries its best to return the society, promote social harmony, prosperity and stable development, and promote social progress, which is also the spiritual food that every Mecano employee has been believing in。Since the establishment of the company, Mecano has been using practical actions to prove to the society that he regards social responsibility as a major mission of the enterprise。With a high sense of responsibility, Mekano is doing its best to repay the society with the most solid steps, interpreting the social responsibility in Mekano's heart!


Mecano makes a donation to the Beijing Guangai School to help the bereaved children grow up strong and receive a formal education to become the pillars of the motherland。


Mecano company in Wenchuan earthquake donations, and vigorously mobilize employees to conduct fundraising activities for the people of the disaster area。


Mecano Company donated money to Project Hope to support the education of children in remote and poor areas, help out-of-school children return to school, and hope that under the humanistic care, every child can have a good childhood。


Mecano Company donated money to Yushu disaster area to support the earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction work of the people in the disaster area。Mecano Company donated to Yunnan Youth Development Foundation - Runtu mutual Aid Group to help the drought-stricken areas to drink sweet water as soon as possible。


Mecano Love team came to Wusongjiang School, located in Kunshan High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, and brought the students financial aid and living and learning supplies, and sent the warmth of the New Year to the students with difficulties。  


Mecano Company participated in the 2015Music Radio "I Want to Go to School" for Love Attack 1200 student action。Support the study and life of left-behind children in poor areas。So that children can receive a good education, healthy growth。


Mecano Company participated in the "Love under the Blue Sky" charity fundraising for ten consecutive years。

Employee welfare
Employee benefits
Employee compensation is determined by recognizing individual efforts, stimulating new ideas, encouraging outstanding performance and promoting teamwork, all of which are reflected in the overall compensation of employees。
Paid holidays and holidays

Paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave

Medical insurance

Care for health 

Employee accident insurance

Financial security for beneficiaries

Social security tax

Financial security for retirement 

Grant for further education

Funding for further study and further education

Incentive payments

Reward individual and team contributions


Pay raises are based on individual performance

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